Some people list their home to see if it will sell or how the property will be received by the public…others are committed to selling!!!  They know what they need to net to sell their home and move on…they will have the home ready to list…ready to show and ready to market!

There are serious pitfalls to listing your home before the home is truly ready to show, the motivated buyers are usually out looking at new listings shortly after the listing hits the market so if the house isn’t ready when they come through…they may not come back another time and that impression may also stick with the Realtor® who showed it.

As the old saying goes…”You get only one chance to make a good FIRST impression” so make it count!!

Be the discriminating buyer and walk around your property…looking at the curb appeal…landscaping…condition of the parking area…condition and cleanliness of the front door and or porch.  Check the condition of the windows, screens, gutters, shutters, paint, garage or shed…are the doors opening smoothly?  Now enter your home…is there a fresh smell…do the carpets look worn or stained?  How is the general cleanliness of the home?

If you have truly made the decision to move then start packing become the “clutter buster” have a family project to have a purge…donate what you no longer need…pack up what is seasonal or you don’t use on a regular basis and de-personalize your home…most buyer’s need to envision themselves living in the home.

If a member of our team is invited to your home to prepare a market evaluation or list your property…we can walk around the home and make some recommendations as well.

Obviously some properties are SOLD even if they need a lot of repairs and quite often advertised as a handyman special…fixer upper or AS IS but the offer will reflect the work required and sometimes you eliminate a lot of potential buyers as they may be too overwhelmed with the work required or they prepare their own estimate in their head while viewing the property and determine that it is no longer fits within their budget.

Another pitfall of a new listing is over pricing the property…if the property is over priced it will generally create showing but not offers and as a result ends up with a price reduction in the early marketing days.  Another outcome can be absolutely no showings for weeks after being listed which indicates No interest!!   Our team of professional Realtors® will assist you  with our expertise and tools to create a competitive market evaluation for your property.

There are 2 types of listings:

An exclusive listing means that Carpe Diem Realty and our team of Realtors® will market your property exclusively utilizing our website, network and various advertising venues.

A MLS listing means that in addition to the above, your property will also be marketed on the The multiple listing system and able to be view by the public on  When a property is listed on MLS  all co-operating Realtors® will have the opportunity to bring their clients through your home as well but will be required to make an appointment with your listing Realtor®.

If you chose Carpe Diem Realty…you won’t be going through the process alone…we are here to help and guide you through the entire journey from listing to Selling!!